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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Sherlock BBC (2010) - Season 4 Finale The Final Problem

Sherlock Season 4 recently aired its high-on-adrenaline finale on BBC, producing a slightly less violent gun-toting blend of Hannibal and Saw where Sherlock gets compelled by his arch-nemesis to choose between the people he loves most. Sherlock and his best buddy Watson comes face to face with one of the deadliest enemies from the past, hell-bent on destroying them. Only, they come to learn of the enemy's existence in the third episode The Lying Detective. If you thought Professor Jim Moriarty was Sherlock's arch-nemesis, wait till you meet Eurus Holmes.

Eurus Holmes - The Sister

That's right, Sherlock and Mycroft has another sibling as you would have realized just like Watson did when Mycroft Holmes exclaims - "Don't be absurd. I am not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion. You know what happened to the other one". Watson's immediate assumption is that Sherlock and Mycroft had another brother. Probably his usage of the words "brotherly affections" may have prevented Watson from considering the alternative. Not to forget Mycroft's occasional reference to the name "Sherrinford" which further reinforces the belief that the name could belong to an important but secret male who is yet to be revealed in the show.

Eurus Holmes
Turns out that the third sibling is their sister Eurus Holmes, who was not only a genius but also intellectually superior to both her brothers right from childhood. Unfortunately, she lacked the compassion and humanity present in normal human beings. Early signs of psychopathy started showing when she drowned Sherlock's beloved "dog" Redbeard and refused to reveal its whereabouts, insisting that the answer was in the cryptic poem that she kept repeating.

Sherlock and Eurus reunion
Finally after burning down their ancestral home, the little girl had to be locked up in a mental asylum. Some years later, Mycroft staged a fire in the asylum and got Eurus shifted to a high-security prison on an island named Sherrinford, an asylum that secretly shelters the very dregs of human society, the most abominable criminals caught and convicted by law. To the world and to their parents, Eurus had died in the fire.

The Fury of the Sister

As Mycroft unwillingly reveals the truth to Sherlock and Watson, fragments of childhood memory starts coming back to Sherlock. He remembers in horror that Redbeard was not his beloved dog but the nickname of his best friend, another little boy who made Eurus so jealous that she decided to get rid of him because her little brother did not play with her.

The many faces of Eurus Holmes
Sherlock had unconsciously rewritten his memory completely erasing Eurus out of it as a childhood coping mechanism but Mycroft gets worried that their sister has returned to town with the sole objective of causing havoc and avenging her abandonment. Just imagine an intensely psychopathic but even more brilliant version of Sherlock prowling around town, posing as different people and fooling both Sherlock and Watson. She disguises as Faith, a serial killer business tycoon's daughter, sending Sherlock chasing after a deadly killer. At the same time, she befriends Watson on a bus and becomes his half-girlfriend until Watson tries to break it off after feeling guilty about cheating his wife. She then disguises as his new psychiatrist and finally shoots him with a tranquilliser when good old Watson has a late realisation that he is being played.

Even as Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft stand in their Baker Street house pondering about the whole Eurus situation, a remote-controlled motion-sensing bomb drone flies into their room and parks itself right in front of them, It is then that Sherlock realizes that he has truly met his match and is more likely to be outwitted by her.

Remote controller drone bomb lands in Baker Street

Sherlock and Watson escape the drone James Bond style

The three men make their dramatic entry into the high-security island of Sherrinford where they have an unforgettable encounter with Eurus Holmes, the non-cannibal female version of Hannibal Lecter in that she can brainwash her victims simply by talking to them. We also get to see Jim Moriarty in several flashback scenes as Mycroft recalls his terrible mistake in presenting Moriarty as a Christmas gift to Eurus few years back.

As Eurus leads Sherlock, Mycroft and Watson through a series of tormenting games, recording of Moriarty keeps mocking them as they are faced with the most difficult choices of their lives. If you remake the Saw movie series with less violence and only guns, you get the last few scenes of The Final Problem where Sherlock is compelled to race against time in order to save Watson before his psychopathic sister can kill his best friend once again.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Sherlock BBC (2010) - The High Functioning Sociopath is Back for Season 4

Sherlock the TV series on BBC took a long break and now our favourite high-functioning sociopath played by Benedict Cumberbatch is finally back after three whole years. Season 4 started with a boom this month with more fun and more drama than ever before. While Season 3 gave a shocker with the revelation of Mary's real identity and then there was the Abominable Bride early last year, this season brings us 2 more shockers than we couldn't have imagined even with logic and deduction.

There are many reasons why you will love Season 4. The episodes have enough quality twists to keep you captivated throughout. It also offers a significant change from the earlier seasons where Sherlock Holmes would simply solve brilliant cases one after another with Watson devotedly assisting and documenting the cases in his blog. Sherlock and Watson encounter several personal jeopardy that prove to be much more dangerous and challenging than the cases they solve. The show manages to keep you on your toes by playing hide and seek with the potential of bringing back old enemies. Whether arch rivals like Moriarty and Irene Adler will resurface or not is yet to be seen.

Prime Character Bids Farewell

Well before you pass out thinking that Dr. John Watson has died in the show or has been replaced by someone other than Martin Freeman, let you put you at ease right away. There cannot be Sherlock Holmes without a Watson and nobody can play John Watson as well as Martin Freeman does. Of course, there is no question about Sherlock happening without Benedict Cumberbatch, can you imagine anyone else playing the over-dramatic, eccentric and sociopathic super-detective?

Molly, Mary, Watson, Sherlock, Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson - who will go?

So who's that prime character who dies in the show? Let me give you a hint - it is a character that kept swinging all kinds of surprises at us all along the previous season. Now make your guess and see the last paragraph of this article to check how correct you are.

New Enemy in Town

Watson and his ex-secret agent wife Mary are seen enjoying blissful domesticity with their cute little daughter Rosie, but as Mycroft correctly points out to Sherlock, agents like Mary hardly reach retirement age. Sooner or later their past catches up with them, which is exactly what follows. An unknown assailant turns up in the city hell-bent on destroying Margaret Thatcher statues but no motive is immediately evident.

As the mystery deepens with Sherlock Holmes in wild pursuit of the truth, more facts come to light about Mary's past and the inevitable happens, both Sherlock and Mary come face to face with a deadly enemy, or what they think is one. But there is an even deadlier enemy masquerading in plain sight who can bring down their entire world in a jiffy.

New Prime Character Introduced

Watson and Sherlock have a major fallout and Sherlock tries to salvage his friendship by putting himself in great danger. He gets a very strange visitor one night named Faith, the daughter of a wealthy and philanthropic business magnate who claims that her father might be a serial killer. She narrates an event from two years back when her father Culverton Smith invites her as well as several friends to the meeting in order to disclose one of his darkest secrets.

However, there is a catch. He tells them that they will be drugged during the process so that they lose their memories of the event, because he doesn't wish to burden them with horrifying information for the rest of their lives. After all, what is the worst thing you can do to your closest friends - "tell them your darkest secret".

Wolf in sheep's clothing or wild imagination?

Faith tries to secretly take notes during the whole episode and after recovering from the drug and analysing her notes, it convinces her that Culverton might have confessed to being a serial killer. Her world falling apart with this shocking revelation, she isolates herself completely for several months before coming to Sherlock for help. Sherlock turns her down at first but then decides to take up her case when he realises that Faith might be suicidal. Sherlock and Faith walk around the town deep in discussion but she suddenly disappears the next morning.

Convinced that behind a facade of philanthropy and human welfare lurks an insane killer, Sherlock chases after the mighty business magnate to expose him for the monster he is, much against Watson's advise. However, when Culverton later introduces his daughter Faith to Sherlock and Watson, she turns out to be a completely different woman, not the timid young lady who was in desperate need of help that night.

So who was the woman who visited Sherlock that night? Did he imagine the whole thing under influence of drugs? Or was it some new enemy beyond his imagination?

The psychiatrist, the lady on the bus, the lying daughter - who are they?

Meanwhile, we see Watson semi-cheating on his wife with a mystery woman he met in a bus. The relationship does not go much further after a drastic event occurs. After Sherlock and Watson's fallout, Watson starts seeing a new therapist. Things seem to improve for Watson but a moment's slip makes him see that nothing is what it seems. He is forced to face a vengeful character from Sherlock's past, a character with a vendetta to destroy everything that Sherlock holds dear. Watson realises his recent oversights but will he be quick enough to save himself and his best friend?

Friday, 6 January 2017

Game of Thrones (2011) - How 2 Eligible Bachelors Ruined Themselves

Jaime Lannister, Loras Tyrell and Jon Snow are supposed to be the most eligible bachelors in Game of Thrones. While Jon Snow joined the Nights Watch and decided to dedicate his life to harsh climate and eternal misery, his life choices were far better and his love life was far more functional that the other two men whose choices of conjugal partners were unbeatable.

Jaime Lannister decided to join the Kings guard that required him to take an oath never to marry, a decision that squashed all hopes of his father Tywin Lannister for a male heir. The old tiger had to settle for his grandsons Joffrey and Tommen, both of whom were unfit to be king and were Baratheon descendants, or at least that is what Tywin assumed. Jaime had joined the Kings guard to be close to his sister Cersei, with whom he fathered three children. Gasp!! Of all the pick of beautiful and accomplished women he could have had in Westeros, Jaime chose to bed his psychotic twin sister and queen of Westeros.

Loras Tyrell - the Knight of Flowers, future of Highgarden, loves men
Loras Tyrell was a famed knight in Westeros and greatly admired by young and old women alike, for his gallantry and good looks. He was the only male heir to the Tyrells of Highgarden, the second most powerful kingdom in Westeros and was all set to take over after Lady Olenna, the grand Tyrell matriarch. Little did the wise old lady realize that his d***head grandson was more into guys than anything else in the world. What a waste of a handsome and brave knight whose only work in Westeros was to marry a beautiful high-breed woman like Sansa and settle down to the bliss of his Highgarden inheritance.

The promiscuous and indiscreet Knight of Flowers chose to woo the king's brother Renly Baratheon, the same prince that was married to his sister Margaery. If that wasn't bad enough, after Renly was gone, Loras starting bedding any handsome squire who showed the remotest interest in him. His weakness for men is what caused his eventual capture by the sparrow fanatics. One of his beau squire Olyver turned out to be a spy appointed by Littlefinger who lost no time in leaking the information to Cersei. The queen mother in an effort to bring down the Tyrells went with this information to the High Sparrow.

Loras with his squire Olyver

The banter between Loras and Jaime at Joffrey and Margaery's wedding were hilarious. While Jaime was back a more mature and empathetic man after his long journey and imprisonment away from King's Landing and away from his controlling sister Cersei, the prospect of her marriage to Loras sparked his jealousy. He threatened Loras that Cersei would have him killed on their wedding night itself but Loras was not to be discouraged. He snapped back at Jaime with an equally witty retort.

Don't you dare marry my sister

You can't marry your sister even if you want to
If you compare the lives of these two characters in Game of Thrones, not much is known about Loras and his childhood except that he had a passive and non-influential father, a shrewd grandmother like Lady Olenna Tyrell and a femme fatale sister like Margaery who followed in her footsteps. Jaime's childhood on the other hand is discussed in bits and pieces when Cersei tells their father Tywin how difficult it had been for the siblings to grow up without their mother. You could say that Tywin is to blame for the unhealthy love that bloomed between his children because he was too busy pursuing power and wealth and all that Jaime and Cersei had during their childhood years were each other. Of course a father's negligence should not trigger sibling incest but Loras doesn't even have a childhood sob story to justify his reckless and self-destructive lifestyle when he had everything perfectly in place for him.

Jaime with a newly found gradually evolving conscience

The other difference between Loras and Jaime is that Jaime's character got a lot of screen time to develop over the seasons. From the smug and narcissistic jerk who remorselessly pushed a 10-year old boy from a high tower window, Jaime came a long way as he evolved into a conscientious and honourable man who started seeing the true nature of wickedness and atrocities committed by his father and sister. Loras however hardly got a role big enough to let his character grow over the seasons. So it is not surprising that Jaime Lannister continued to be much more likeable and popular in Game of Thrones than Loras Tyrell.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Two and a Half Men (2003) - Top 3 Reasons Why It Flopped After 8 Seasons

Two and a Half Men is a comedy TV series that needs no introduction to those who followed English comedy sitcoms over the last decade. This super-hit comedy started on CBS in 2003 and ran for 7 and a half seasons, before abruptly getting cancelled midway during Season 8, primarily because Charlie Sheen left the show after quarrelling with the producers.

The comedy sitcom was renewed for 4 more seasons before concluding its 12th and final season. Yes, 12 seasons is a long run for any TV show, especially when sitcoms these days struggle to get renewed even for a 2nd season. But if you think that the exit of Charlie Sheen is what caused the popularity of the show to decline, think again.

Charlie Sheen played the main protagonist Charlie Harper for 8 seasons before his character was killed off abruptly, only to be replaced by Ashton Kutcher playing Walden Schmidt, a weird and nerdy divorced billionaire. Now Ashton is a good actor and definitely played his part well. It is unfair to blame him for not being able to match up to Charlie Sheen since the show's steady dip in popularity was due to completely different  reasons.

Reason #1 - History Repeats Itself

The biggest problem with Two and a Half Men phase 2 was that the script writers kept the plot identical and simply tried to replace one actor with another. First it was Charlie Harper, the playboy and confirmed bachelor, with a free-loading brother Alan who refuses to move out of his house. Then came Walden Schmidt, the divorced billionaire, his various  romance attempts and Alan still free-loading on him.

Charlie caught between his 2 girlfriends, Walden caught between his 2 girlfriends

You can only watch the fun lives of two goofy men for a certain duration, but eventually the characters need to develop in some way. Alan's character never developed, the charade of a series of girlfriends continued year after year with both Charlie and Walden. After a certain point, it almost became unbearable and you would end up watching the series as a mere routine in your free time.

The jokes became crasser by the day. Of course, the very essence of the show were these "dirty" jokes, but during the initial seasons, the jokes were more verbal in nature and funny. The latter seasons just started spinning too many raunchy situations with hardly any humour in them.

Two and a Half Men should have ended right after Season 7 when Charlie started hooking up with Rose. But no, the producers and channel owners felt compelled to continue the show to keep milking the past glory.

Reason #2 - The Half Man Replacement

Alan's cute little son Jake Harper was one of the sweetest and most lovable character in the show. As years passed by, Alan grew up and like any other kid, lost his babyish charm to teenage. Jake's growing dumbness or rather the viewer's realisation of Jake's dumbness added elements of teenage goofiness to the story. The Jake became more and more infrequent with every passing episode, probably due to the actor's time unavailability. Two and a Half Men reduced to Two Men and their annoying girlfriends.

Alan's son Jake
Suddenly in Season 11, the script writers woke up and decided to reintroduce the half man. In came Jenny, Charlie's illegitimate lesbian daughter whom nobody knew about. Apparently, Charlie used to send money to her mother for child support and Jenny had last seen Charlie when she was 4 years old. Now 25 years old and a struggling actress, she finally decides to reunite with her father.

Charlie's daughter Jenny
In spite of the gaping plot-hole and weak back story, Jenny turned out to be much more interesting that the main characters Walden and Alan who were once again dragging themselves through the repetitive cycle of dating, committing, goofing up and rejection. Jenny with her outrageously wild and promiscuous lifestyle proved to be a female version of her father Charlie. Just when this new "half man" was on the way to becoming a favourite, her appearance on Season 12 became less and less frequent.

Reason #3 - Fun Characters Go Missing

Berta, the housekeeper was the queen of punchlines in the show and thankfully continued being a regular character right from the beginning to the end. Without her nasty jokes and devilish laughs, Two and a Half Men would have been ridiculously boring, especially since Alan's character refused to grow and even his antics became too old and predictable. He ceased to be funny after a few seasons and got reduced to an extremely annoying and selfish freeloader with no self-respect or ethics whatsoever.

That was the point when we started missing the other fun characters of Two and Half Men, primarily Evelyn, Charlie's highly promiscuous old mom with her dry sarcasm, and Rose, the wacko neighbour who continuously stalked their beach house.

Evelyn Harper, the unapologetic and irrepressible mom
Rose, ex-girlfriend and stalker
Even Alan's mean and over-controlling ex-wife Judith used to be a comic relief and the only person who could extract money from the miserly Alan, plus she had an interesting sub-plot with her second husband Herb. But she too disappeared from the show, letting Alan evolve into a completely obnoxious character. They did bring in Walden's ex-wife Bridget occasionally but she was certainly no match for Judith.

Judith and Herb on their wedding day
Evelyn became quite irregular on the show after Season 8 and Rose completely disappeared for 4 whole seasons before reappearing in Season 12 finale. Her funny, in-your-face, psychotic jokes had been an integral part of the early seasons and her role should have been retained just to offer some relief from the women-dating-blunder cycles of Walden and Alan.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Two and a Half Men (2003) - With and Without Charlie

Two and a Half Men is a comedy TV series that aired on CBS from 2003 and ran for 12 seasons, before it ended with an unexpected finale last year. It is one of the longest running comedy on TV and has drawn a huge audience with its out-of-the-world ridiculous characters and cocky jokes (no puns intended).

The Main Characters

Plot Summary

The plot follows the life of Charlie Harper, played by Charlie Sheen, a compulsive womaniser who made money as a free-lance jingle writer and stayed at his beach house, until his perfect party-and-women-filled life is interrupted by his recently divorced younger brother Alan Harper.
Losing most of his money and house to his greedy self-absorbed ex-wife, Alan and his 10-year old son Jake take shelter in Charlie's beach-house. Though Charlie dislikes Alan, he reluctantly allows his homeless brother and nephew to move in for a "temporary" period. Little does he realize that Alan will be living with him for the next 8 years.

Evelyn Harper - The Mom

Rose - Stalker, Ex-Girlfriend

Berta - The Housekeeper

Lyndsey - Alan's Girlfriend

Supporting Characters

These are the characters without which Two and a Half Men would not have been much fun. They added to the complications in Charlie and Alan's already-chaotic lives.
  • Charlie and Alan's mother Evelyn Harper is a hilariously self-absorbed, highly promiscuous old woman who Charlie likes to avoid and Alan likes to resent because of her outrageous indifference towards him. For Evelyn, Alan was just a mistake of one of her wild years during youth.
  • Then there is Rose, Charlie's crazy neighbour who is obsessed with him and spends most of her time spying and stalking him. She is both funny and scary at the same time, drawing plenty of laughs throughout the early seasons. However, we are never told what Rose does for a living except that she has a rich family.
  • A regular face on the show is the cheeky and sharp-tongued housekeeper Berta who first work for Charlie and then Walden. She steals the show with some of the best punchlines and one-liners.
  • Another character to appear frequently from Seasons 8 to 12 is Lyndsey, the attractive mom of Jake's friend, who goes on to become Alan's on-again-off-again girlfriend. When no longer together, Alan even takes up a false identity and befriends Lyndsey's boyfriend Larry so that he can spy on their relationship. However, she soon finds out and all hell breaks loose. Alan and Lyndsey are the only couple in the entire series who stay together till the end, albeit with few breakups in between.

Fatal Attraction

The Season 8 Twist

After years of life as a womanising jerk, breaking many hearts and ruining several good relationships, Charlie finally decides to marry Rose at the end of Season 8.
They go to Paris for honeymoon, where Rose catches him cheating on her in the hotel. The next thing we know, Charlie is portrayed dead, with his family suspecting that Rose had pushed him in front of a running train to take her revenge.
This was less of a story twist and had more to do with Charlie Sheen's exit from the TV show. With the main attraction of the show gone, the story writers introduced the character of Walden Schmidt, a billionaire, played by Ashton Kutcher.

Walden Schmidt - Charlie's Replacement

Sitting in Charlie's drawing room, Alan jumps out of his skin seeing a bearded dishevelled man peeking from the balcony door. The stranger turns out to be a billionaire called Walden Schmidt who was about to drown himself in the sea after his wife, whom he madly loved, dumped him.

Walden - The Billionaire

However, the water was too cold and Walden decides to abandon the plan. He finds the nearest beach-house and peeks into Charlie's living room. After a dip in the cold sea, he has suddenly become a new man and impulsively decides to buy the beautiful beach-house, in an effort to make a fresh start.
Alan manages to draw sympathy from Walden as well and continues to live rent-free under his roof for a "temporary" period. Not surprisingly, temporary stretches into four years of lame excuses and manipulation.
Seasons 9 to 12 follows the somewhat repetitive adventures and misadventures of Walden and Alan, their trysts with numerous women, Walden's constant compulsion to fall in love with any women he has met for two days, eventually getting dumped by them before or after proposing to them.

Jenny - The Drunken Daughter

Charlie's Daughter

Walden and Alan also stumble upon an unemployed gay actress named Jenny who turns out to be Charlie's illegitimate daughter.
Jenny keeps up her father's tradition by spending most of her days partying, drinking and hooking up with women. For a brief period, she stays in Walden's beach-house before moving in with her grandmother Evelyn.

Walden and Alan's Wedding

The Final Season

During the final season, Alan and Walden end up getting married. Yes, you read it right, they marry even though none of them are gay. In Walden's words, at least Walden is not gay. He wants to adopt a kid and convinces Alan to say yes to a fake marriage because it would be impossible for a single parent to get an adoption.
After many mess-ups of enormous proportions, Walden and Alan manage to get the adoption finalized. Later, Walden forces Alan into a divorce, much to Alan's reluctance. As a reward for a divorce, Walden offers to buy Alan whatever he wants. At first, Alan opts for a Ferrari but after much persuasion, he decides to buy an engagement ring for his long-time on-and-off girlfriend Lyndsey.

Charlie Harper Comes Back

The Finale Twist

The biggest twist to the final episode of Two and a Half Men is Charlie's comeback, even if in animated form.
The show had indeed run for a long time, riding on the same jokes and hardly any character development, except for Alan who grew more shameless and pathetic with every season.
Despite all this, the ending was a little abrupt and rushed. While Ashton Kutcher was not much of a match for Charlie Sheen after Season 8, the arrival of cute little Louis in Season 12 did give the viewers some hope. Walden and Alan's adopted son did have some potential in bringing the fun back to the show.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Game of Thrones (2011) - Top 5 Stupidest Characters on the Hit TV Fantasy

Game of Thrones, the hit TV fantasy series running on HBO, teaches us several important life lessons, through the painfully dumb mistakes committed by some of its main characters. Let us look at these characters, their mistakes and the lessons learnt - by others, not by them, they never really learnt anything.
NOTE: Tyrion LannisterPetyr Baelish and Lord Varys are the only people who haven't done anything god-awfully stupid yet.

1. Ned Stark - Honourable and Stupid

Ned Stark's stupidity rooted from his sense of honour and integrity. He just did not realise that it is honour that would get him killed one day.

Stupidity 1

Ned Stark trusts the one person who explicitly warns him of not being trustworthy. Remember Petyr Baelish's warning "distrusting me was the wisest thing you have done since you climbed off your horse". What does Ned do? He trusts him anyway. Blame it on reverse psychology.

Stupidity 2

Ned learns his enemy's darkest secret, and then goes and tells them of his plans of retaliation. After discovering that all three of Queen Cersei's children were fathered by her twin brother Jamie, he warns Cersei that he will inform King Robert of her incest.

He pays no heed even after Cersei tells him "when you play the game of thrones, you either win or you die, there is no middle ground."

Stupidity 3

He continues to trusts his wife's disgruntled ex-lover Petyr Baelish and shares his plan of treason with him. He even asks Petyr to provide him help of the Kingsguards to capture the "king". Who can beat such a genius plan?

Stupidity 4

Ned investigates the suspected murder of the previous Hand of the King, Jon Arryn, by doing the exact same things John did before he was killed. He goes to the blacksmith to track down King Robert's bastard son. After that, he borrows a book on royal lineage from Grandmaster Pycelle, the same book Jon Arryn had borrowed before he was killed.

2. Catelyn Stark - Impulsive and Stupid

Catelyn Stark's stupidity rooted from a delusional character and probably an inflated sense of her intelligence. There is really no other excuse why she would go so much out of her way to take the worst decisions possible.
Catelyn Stark

Stupidity 1

She captures the only decent and kind Lannister for a crime he did not commit, based purely on a letter from her unstable and jealous sister Lysa Arryn who writes to her "don't trust the Lannisters". Somehow, Catelyn interprets it as "don't trust Tyrion Lannister, the Imp". 

Catelyn's actions trigger Jamie Lannister to attack Ned Stark and his men, triggering a chain of events which eventually started the war.

Stupidity 2

She believes that her disgruntled ex-lover Petyr Baelish would actually help her husband Ned Stark in committing treason against the royal family. She even pushes Ned to trust Petyr who is known for his shrewdness and political game.

Stupidity 3

She releases Jamie Lannister, the most important prisoner of war and the only leverage her son Robb Stark had against the Lannisters - solely based on Jamie's promise to release her daughters Sansa and Arya from King's Landing.

Stupidity 4

Catelyn actually expects that Jamie, known as the "king slayer" and "oath breaker" for betraying his previous king, would actually keep his promise. It is a completely different matter that Jamie transforms later and tries to honour his promise.

3. Robert Baratheon - Drunkard and Stupid

King Robert Baratheon's stupidity came from his intense laziness and extreme smugness, wasting away most of his days drinking and whoring.

Robert eats, drinks and whores

Cersei and Jamie continue their sibling love

Stupidity 1

Robert was the "King of the Seven Kingdoms" and the "Protector of the Realm". Unfortunately, he couldn't protect himself from a wild boar. Why - because he drank too much on his hunting trip and was not fast enough to move out of the way. This same man had once rebelled against the Mad King and had usurped the throne from the deadly Targaryens. What a shame for someone who had been such a fierce warrior.

Stupidity 2

For seventeen years, Robert did not realize that Queen Cersei and Jamie Lannister were having their incestuous relationship right under his nose! How could he not see it? What is worse - all the three children had golden hair like the Lannisters, not even one possessed black or blackish hair like the Baratheons. He still did not suspect a thing.

Robert was the "King of the Seven Kingdoms" and the "Protector of the Realm". Unfortunately, he couldn't protect himself from a wild boar. Why - because he drank too much on his hunting trip and was not fast enough to move out of the way. This same man had once rebelled against the Mad King and had usurped the throne from the deadly Targaryens. What a shame for someone who had been such a fierce warrior.

4. Robb Stark - Honourable, Pays for Love

Rob Stark was an otherwise honourable and courageous son of Ned and Catelyn Stark, who stopped thinking straight after he fell in love with Talisa, the woman he met during war and married, thus breaking his promise to wed Walder Frey's daughter.

Stupidity 1

Robb betrays his promise to the vindictive Lord Walder Frey, in spite of getting warned by his mother Catelyn that Frey is a nasty old man and won't forgive him easily.

Okay, all is fair in love and war. As a future king of the North, he made a terrible mistake by dishonouring his word during times of crisis.

Stupidity 2

Later, Robb commits an even bigger mistake by trying to make amends with Walder Frey. Not just that, he takes his old mother and pregnant wife with him to the Red Wedding, where all of them get killed by the Boltons.
Here is the lesson learnt - once you piss off a vicious enemy, just steer clear off him and DONT take your family to his home.

Stupidity 3

Robb allows his friend Theon Greyjoy, who was taken hostage by the Starks, to go to his home in the Iron Islands with the promise that he would return with an army. Once again, Robb refuses to listen to his mother's warning.
While Theon isn't a terribly evil guy, his need for approval from his father drives him to betray the Starks. He decides to choose family over loyalty to his friend, something not entirely unnatural, and marches down to capture Winterfell.

Robb's refusal to heed Catelyn's warning once again causes great harm to the Starks, forcing Bran and Rickon to escape with Osha, the wildling girl. While love and trust are great qualities, showing it to the wrong people at the wrong time costs Robb his family, his kingdom and even his own life. 

5. Viserys Targaryen - Mean, Powerhungry, Stupid

Viserys was a mean, pompous and egotistic jack*** with no sense of honour or love for his own family. He was brainless, lacked all leadership qualities and believed that he was entitled to the throne by right.

Stupidity 1

He offers his younger sister Daenarys as a bride to Khal Drogo, the Dothraki head, in return for an army to usurp the throne of Westeros. But when Daenarys wins the acceptance of the Dothraki tribe, he gets resentful and jealous sensing that he is losing his importance.
His impatience gets the better off him and he threatens his pregnant sister in front of Khal Drogo and the entire tribe. Drogo rewards him by pouring searing hot liquid gold on his head, killing him instantly. Here is the lesson learnt - you do not confront an army of savages and threaten to kill their leader's unborn son.

Honorary Mentions

  • Tywin Lannister - for raving about family honour while being completely ignorant of his son and daughter's relationship.
  • Jamie Lannister - for thinking that he could smooth-talk his way out of the enemy's camp and show off to Brienne, resulting in his hand getting chopped off.
  • Lysa Arryn - for thinking that Petyr Baelish actually loved her, while he was risking everything for Sansa Stark.
  • Cersei Lannister - for giving unlimited power to the High Sparrow, leading to her own imprisonment and walk of shame.
  • Stannis Baratheon - for trusting Melissandre blindly and agreeing to sacrifice his own daughter in the hope of pleasing the Lord of Light.
  • Jon Snow - for truly "knowing nothing". He should have just stayed in the cave with Ygritte, instead of bringing the Wildings to the Wall, thus triggering the betrayal of his own men.