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Sunday, 21 December 2014

3rd Rock From The Sun - Best Alien Comedy

You guessed it right, they are talking about the Earth! They are 4 wacky aliens sent to Earth with the mission of learning more about humans. What better way to do that than by disguising as humans?

It is not only the best alien comedy, it is also one of the best comedy shows I have ever seen. The show has 6 seasons and was aired from 1996 to 2001.

The 4 aliens in question have disguised as an earth family to avoid suspicion:

1. Dick - the father and head of the family who is posing as an eccentric physics professor.

2. Sally - Dick's sister, a hot blonde who can't resist men in uniform.

3. Tommy - Dick's son who studies at the same school where Dick teaches.

4. Harry - Dick's brother, a crazy dim-witted chap who gets to deliver the best punchlines.

They try so hard to appear as normal humans that they end up over-doing it in the most hilarious way possible. The way each of them constantly learn something new and complicated about humans will leave you rolling with laughter. The best ones are their discoveries on love, dating and relationships.

Dick falls in love with Mary, a quirky teacher and colleague at his school. Dick goes out of his way to make Mary love him, but ends goofing up the most simple things in the worst ways possible. In a way, goes on to show how humans are so good at messing up their own state of affairs. The comedy is just out of the world. If you like to watch comedies, don't miss this one!

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