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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Frozen (2013)

Frozen is an animated movie released by Disney Studios in 2013. It is a heart warming story about sisterly love and how true love needn't always be between lovers. 

The movie is a refreshing change from other love-themed movies because it depicts true love between 2 sisters, Princess Elsa and Princess Anna.

The Plot

Elsa is the fairy tale character popularly known as the Ice Queen, whose magical touch can freeze anything. However, she cannot control her power effectively. Due to this, she is misunderstood and feared by her parents, the King and Queen of Arendelle, as well as the people of her kingdom.

Heart-broken and angry, Elsa exiles herself in a far away land. Anna, the younger sister, embarks on a journey to find and bring Elsa back to the kingdom. 

On her journey, Anna meets a stable boy called Kristoff, his pet reindeer who can talk, and the hilarious snowman Olaf, all of whom help her to achieve her objective.

What could have been better

While Frozen has been rated as one of the best Disney movies, I personally think it could have been done better. There are too many clichés in the storyline and the plot is somewhat predictable.
  • The first cliché is that Anna is your typical bubbly young princess who has a very rosy picture about life and falls in love with the first handsome prince she meets.
  • Secondly, the handsome prince called Hans has wicked intentions, something that doesn't need a genius to figure out. Right from the start, Anna and Han's love story looks too smooth and artificial.
  • Thirdly, Anna meets the poor lad Kristoff during her journey, who sacrifices a lot to help her find her sister. 
  • Finally, Anna realizes that she loves Kristoff and not the wicked Hans. No surprises there!

The good part

The one good thing about Frozen is Olaf, the snowman, who delivers the best punch lines in the movie and provides great humor throughout.


Overall, Frozen is enjoyable for kids. It has great special effects and lives up to the expectations people have from Disney. It's not so amazing for animation-loving adults but definitely okay for a one-time watch with your kids. I would rate it 7 out of 10.

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