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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Gravity (2013)

Gravity is a 90-minutes space adventure starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Finally, a worthwhile space movie from Hollywood after a long time.


Dr. Ryan Stone, a bio-medical engineer played by Sandra Bullock, is on her first space mission. Matt Kowalsky, played by George Clooney, is an experienced astronaut who is guiding her on the mission. It his last space mission before retirement.

The Plot

The adventure starts off as a routine NASA mission and gradually turns into a horrific fight for survival.

A sudden meteorite in space causes huge rocks to come hurling at their space station, destroying the whole thing and leaving the astronauts completely untethered.

After much struggle, Kowalsky manages to get Stone tethered to himself, and the two astronauts try to drift their way to a neighbouring space station, in the hope of finding help and relief. 

But as their oxygen supply decreases, their chance of survival diminishes with each passing second. The astronauts barely manage to prevent themselves from passing out, due to lack of oxygen.

The question is not just whether any of them will make it to the neighbouring space station, nobody knows what awaits there.

So the real question is, will any of them make it to Earth?

Thrill Turns to Terror

Each time an escape route is seen, something else goes wrong, making each moment more and more devoid of hope for the space travellers. The story is really simple, it is not your usual "astronaut saves the world" type of space adventure.

Why The Movie is a Must Watch

  • The best thing I loved about it is that the cast has only 2 people and yet manages to keep you hooked to your seat. Well, initially it has 3 people but the third astronaut dies quite soon due to a rock impact, introducing the first horror in the movie. 
  • Sandra Bullock has done a wonderful job. 
  • George Clooney has some good punch-lines and is as charming as his bulky space-suit can allow him.
  • The movie has a smooth pace and doesn't bombard us with too many scientific jargon.
  • There are some wonderful transitions from complete peace and quiet to sudden monstrosity of the outer space.
  • The graphics are as great as expected in any modern 3D movies.

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