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Sunday, 21 December 2014

How I Met Your Mother (2005 - 2014)

How I Met Your Mother is a popular comedy that ran on TV for 9 seasons. During the age of frequently cancelled TV shows, this comedy prevailed over 9 whole years, attracting huge number of fans.

The Plot

Ted Mosby, a father, is narrating the story of his quest for the perfect life-partner to his son and daughter. In his fun journey through life in New York, he has his best friends Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney, who helps him through various odds and even. Ted works as an architect for a reputed firm in New York. Later, he takes up teaching Architecture for a university.

Ted Mosby, with the famous yellow umbella
Marshal Eriksen is Ted's his school buddy and best friend. Lily Aldrin is Marshall's high-school sweetheart who later goes on to become his wife. Marshal and Lily are seen to be the most stable couple throughout the series, except for a one-time break-up in between.

Marshal and Lily
The three of them meet Barney and Robin at separate points of time. Barney Stinson is a rich casanova and a self-proclaimed legend. Robin Scherbatsky is a TV news reporter who runs into the other four in a bar they frequent. She immediately hits it off with the group and becomes one of them. She has an on-off relationship with Ted initially and then Barney. Eventually, Robin and Barney get married.

Robin and Barney

Season Highlights

The first 6 seasons are interesting and funny. Ted meets several women, some of which turn into really serious relationships. Ted gets engaged to some of them, only to be dumped at the altar, or dumped because of his own stupidity - well Ted isn't a jerk at all, he is really sweet but he is stupid enough to fall for the wrong girls. Each time you think, this is it, this girl is the girl for Ted, something goes wrong. Ted's love for Robin turns out to be the biggest love triangle (Ted-Robin-Barney) in TV history.

Finale Highlights

The series ends with season 9 where Ted finally meets the girl of his dreams. The final episode has a big twist at the end, but it seems a little lame and pointless in my opinion.

  • First of all, the writers gives a very little content and screen-space to Tracy McConnell, the girl who goes on to become the Mother aka Ted's wife. Though glimpses of her are shown in the past seasons, she makes her first complete appearance only in the last episode of season 8. She is introduced as buying a train ticket to the Farhamptons where her band would be performing at Robin and Barney's wedding.
Ted with Tracy, the Mother and the famous yellow umbrella
  • Secondly, all of Ted's past relationships are explored in great detail, at least the serious ones. But the final season never bothers to explain how Ted and Tracy reaches the point of engagement. That was the whole point of the series, wasn't it? The ending is too hurried!
  • Thirdly, throughout all the seasons, Ted and Robin's relationship is beaten to death. They keep getting together and breaking up. Robin ditches Ted multiple times, and one simply cannot understand why Robin prefers Barney over Ted.
  • On her wedding day however, Robin has the greatest enlightenment of her life - that Ted is supposed to be her soul-mate. Though her belief is entirely based on a lost bracelet, she somewhat realizes the truth that Ted had been perfect for her all along. But dear Robin, it is too late! You have missed the train, not once, not twice, but so many times. Luckily, when she tries to urge Ted to run away with her on her wedding day, Ted has the good sense of not betraying his friend Barney. He turns her down and convinces her to accept Barney.
  • What is disheartening though is that many years later, poor Tracy has to die so that Ted and Robin can have a second chance!! This happens after you have long accepted (for almost the entire series!) that the girl with the yellow umbrella aka Tracy is the one for Ted.
Remember the blue horn?
  • As Ted wounds up his storytelling, his kids are quick to point out that it had been Robin all along. Ted realizes that he still wants to take a chance with Robin, whom he had always loved. He rushes to her house with the blue horn he had stolen from a restaurant, a hallmark of their past love, Robin turns up at her window and smiles at him, finally accepting him into her life for good.
The twist at the end is a good one, however it comes at a time when you wish for something to happen for so long and it doesn't, that the whole thing loses its novelty. Honestly, the series could have just been named - How I Met My Real Soul-Mate. Or better even - How I Finally Got Robin. After all, it had always been about Robin. In one sentence, it's a superb series with an ending which should have taken place long back.

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