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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Revenge (2011)

This TV show debuted on ABC in 2011. This is a revenge saga of Amanda Clarke, whose father David Clarke was framed by rich industrialist Conrad Grayson and his wife Victoria with charges of terrorism and mass murder. David Clarke was later killed in prison and died the death of a disgraced traitor.

Little Amanda was sent away to rot in a mental asylum by Victoria Grayson, who loved David Clarke and later betrayed him. Once out of the asylum, Amanda was moved from one foster home to another, finally ending up in juvenile prison. After getting out of the juvie, she made it her life's mission to wreak vengeance on the Graysons. She started by swapping her identity with her prison mate Emily Thorne.

Through seasons 1 to 3, we saw how Amanda (posing as Emily) took down each and every person who had played a role in the whole conspiracy against David Clarke. Of course, the best is left for the last. With the end of Season 3, the entire Grayson family is brought to justice, or so we are made to think.

**** SPOILER ALERT **** Conrad Grayson is stabbed the way David had been stabbed, Emily manages to prove Victoria as insane and gets her locked up in an asylum. Poetic justice! Emily (Amanda) finally gets her vengeance after 3 years. But revenge comes at a great cost! Along her revengeful journey, she loses most of the people she cares about. Her cell-mate, the real Amanda, gets killed in a cross-fire setup by Conrad Grayson. Her lover Aiden is poisoned and then snuffed with a pillow by Victoria. Her childhood friend Jack Porter gets booked with charges of a kidnapping he didn't commit.

So the real question is, is the revenge going to be worth it??

Finally the last episode shows that David Clarke is alive!! Yes, he's the one who stabs Conrad. While I somewhat expected this ending, it makes me question the entire show, what was the point of it all? Amanda literally throws her life away to exact revenge for her dead father who only turns out to be alive. Then how come he never contacted his daughter all these years? Why didn't he strike Conrad earlier, what was he waiting for? Much ado about nothing!

Season 4 has started now, with several new characters getting introduced. Conrad Grayson, who is now known to be alive, is lured by Victoria once again. She spins yet another web of lies and deceit. helped by her daughter Charlotte, who turns out to be vital in exposing the treacheries of Conrad Grayson to the world. Charlotte's shockingly dark side gets exposed in this season. There are a few twists in Season 4, which may drastically change the course of the TV series.

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