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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sherlock (2010) - BBC's Best Thriller

All those of us who have dabbled in detective novels would need no introduction to one and only Sherlock Holmes.

He was an analytical genius with razor-sharp memory whose eyes would miss nothing and see everything that even the best detectives of Scotland Yard couldn't imagine.

Most of the times, the book is always several notches superior to any movie or TV series made out of it. But BBC did a wonderful job of placing Holmes and Watson in a modern day London setting. Each episode has been tailored to fit into present day society but the basic storyline remains the same.

The TV series started in 2010 and ran for 4 seasons. Every season had 3 episodes of one hour duration, each based on a single case. Unfortunately, season 5 of Sherlock hasn't been renewed. But those of you who love a good fast-paced thriller will thoroughly enjoy this series.

The Main Characters
  • Benedict Cumberbatch does a brilliant job playing the super-detective in modern day London.
  • Of course there is Dr.Watson, Sherlock Holmes' only friend who refuses to give up on Holmes lack of social finesse.
  • We have the clueless Inspector Lestrade who refuses to admit that he simply cannot function without Sherlock Holmes' help in all his cases.
  • There is the evil and charming Professor Moriarty with his endless mind games, the beautiful and cunning temptress Irene Adler and the hen-pecking landlady Mrs. Hudson who adds comic relief (in the current setting, she firmly believes that Holmes and Watson have to be gay!)
The Best Twist

BBC has also added a shocking twist to Dr.Watson's wife Mary Morstan's past. This is something not present in the book. The TV series has wonderfully brought out the complexities in Sherlock's character and Watson's continuous struggle to choose between a normal life and a crazy one. We are able to feel the bond which gradually develops between the two men even though they couldn't be more different from each other.

Best quote from Sherlock Holmes - "I am not a psychopath, I am a high-functioning sociopath."

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