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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Game of Thrones (2011) - Top 7 Unsolved Mysteries

Game of Thrones concluded its Season 6 recently. While the latest season answered several open questions of the previous seasons, many more new questions have arose to intrigue us.

Mystery #1 - Why Did Rickon Run in a Straight Line?

In the Battle of the the Bastards, Ramsay Bolton asks Rickon Stark to run towards his brother across the battlefield. As Rickon begins running towards Jon Snow, Ramsay starts shooting arrows at him, missing him a few times. It is really strange that after escaping several arrows, Rickon continues to run in a straight line through the open field.

Run towards your brother Rickon

Maybe he was all messed up psychologically after being held prisoner by Ramsay, but seriously, what prevented him from running in a zigzag manner? It would have taken only a few more seconds for Jon Snow to rescue his little brother.

Mystery #2 - Why Didn't Jon Snow and Melissandre Resurrect Rickon?

Okay so Rickon was a kid and didn't realise the dangers of running in a straight line with a crazy psychopath shooting arrows at him. Too bad that Jon Snow was seconds away from reaching Rickon when he got shot down. All said and done, did Jon Snow forget about Melissandre? The Red Pristess who had resurrected him just a few weeks back?

Red Priestess Melissandre - worships Lord of Light, resurrects Jon Snow, gets banished for past crime

Jon Snow, you truly know nothing and you also remember nothing!! Yes, the sacrifice of the little princess was unforgivable and you did the right thing by banishing her. But how about having her resurrect your brother first, before sending her away to the South.

Mystery #3 - Is Gendry Still Rowing?

We last saw Gendry in Season 3. Remember the blacksmith's apprentice whom Ned Stark had tracked down as Robert Baratheon's bastard son? Gendry had quite an adventure of his own, making friends with Arya Stark, getting captured at Harrenhal and kidnapped by the Brotherhood without Banners, before getting sold to Melissandre who seduced him with the intention of sacrificing him to the Lord of Light. Finally, Sir Davos helped Gendry escape from Dragonstone in a boat, with instructions to sail to King's Landing by "following the star", like that would help an amateur sailor to navigate.

As soon as you reach the shores, till then happy rowing Gendry!!

Season 6 is complete and Gendry is yet to reach King's Landing. Looks like he might still be rowing. Did he really take Sir Davos' advice and follow the stars to the end of the world? Maybe he reached some other continent instead of Westeros. Gendry is the only surviving Baratheon heir after Tommen's suicide, so the question remains whether he will resurface in Season 7?

Mystery #4 - Does Lord Varys Teleport Himself?

As Gendry continues to row for 3 years and still doesn't make it to King's Landing, Lord Varys on the other hand keeps popping from one continent to another within a matter of days, or maybe minutes, it is hard to tell. When Varys put Tyrion in a box and helped him flee King's Landing, they travelled for ages and took several stops before reaching Meereen.

Varys greets Ollena Tyrell and Ellaria Sand

However, recently Varys seems to have mastered the art of teleportation. He travelled from Meereen to Dorne within a matter of days, reaching right on time to catch Lady Ollena Tyrell in dialogue with Ellaria Sand. Then, within a single episode, he managed to race back to Meereen and set sail for Westeros with Daenarys and group. Oh wait, maybe he borrowed a dragon from Daenarys!!

Mystery #5 - How Did Sansa and Theon Survive the Jump?

Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy escaped Ramsay Bolton and Winterfell by jumping from the castle at least a hundred feet below into the snow. Of course, the snow must have cushioned their landing to some extent, but we are talking about a jump from several storeys.

Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy jump to their freedom

How on earth did an underfed slave and a tortured bride manage to survive that high a jump without breaking a single bone? With the Bolton soldiers away defeating Stannis Baratheon's army, Myranda pushed off the castle wall, maybe Sansa and Theon could have just used the door.

Mystery #6 - How Did Arya Stark Survive and Defeat the Waif?

Jon Snow got stabbed and shot by arrows and fell dead, so did his Wilding lover girl Ygritte after getting shot by one arrow. Roose Bolton got stabbed once by Ramsay and he died immediately. However, our super girl Arya Stark gets stabbed multiple times by a trained faceless assassin, then she jumps into the water, swims to the shore, walks through the streets of Bravos, gets stitched up by the actress lady and recovers within a day or two.

A girl is Arya Stark and she is going home

As the Waif comes in pursuit, Arya manages to fly from the window and land onto the street below, jump several buildings and finally kill the much stronger and more well-trained Waif with one swish of her sword. Mind you, she is still recovering from her injuries. Truly Arya Stark is not that easy to kill. Wish the other Starks members had inherited even half her abilities.

Mystery #7 - Did Jaime and Cersei Forget About Mycella?

In case you forgot about Mycella, Tyrion had shipped her to Dorne by getting her married to the young price of Dorne. Later, Jaime Lannister travelled to Dorne to bring his daughter back home. However, Ellaria Sand poisoned Mycella to avenge her lover Oberyn Martell's gruesome death at the hands of the Mountain. Mycella died in Jaime's arms before even making it to King's Landing.

Jaime and Mycella returning from Dorne

Not that we expected Jaime Lannister to take a U-turn back to Dorne without any preparation. Cersei was still reeling from shame and anger after her Walk of Atonement. But what about afterwards? It is difficult to believe that the vengeful Cersei and the hot-headed Jaime would simply forgive their daughter's murder.

The whole of Season 6 passed with Cersei getting busy conspiring with Qyburn against the Faith, while Jaime marched off to Riverland and back to recapture a castle for the pathetic Freys. Did the Lannister siblings completely forget about their only daughter and the enemies in Dorne who took her so mercilessly? The Dorne matriarch has clearly not forgotten her own crime as she prepares to join forces with the Tyrells.

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