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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pretty Little Liars (2010) - Spencer is Mary Drake's Daughter

Mary Drake makes it her first task to visit the Hastings house after she moves to Rosewood. She drops by when Spencer is alone at home, maybe a planned move on her part to catch her daughter alone and make a good first impression without the interference of Spencer's parents.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Recent discoveries by the pretty little liars reveals that Mary Drake had a second child. Given that her first child Charles aka Charlotte was adopted by Kenneth and Jessica, chances are that the second kid also had a similar fate. Maybe Veronica and Peter Hastings adopted the second kid aka Spencer.

The girls break into Jessica's storm bunker
When the girls go to the storm-bunker to probe around for clues and secrets that Jessica might had been hiding, they find that Jessica kept a file on each of the girls and several other people. They come across Mary's file that reveals the existence of a second child. Based on the year of birth, the child would have been the same age as them.

The Doctor Who Delivered

Spencer and Aria tracks down Dr. Cochran who had delivered both of Mary Drake's children. The doctor confirms that Mary Drake's second child was born several years later. If Melissa and Cece/Charlotte were of the same age, and Spencer was seven years younger than Melissa, that would make her old enough to be Mary Drake's second child.

Aria and  Spencer visit Dr. Cochran

Dr. Cochran says that Mary almost lost the second child. The baby was weak but turned out to be tenacious. Sounds familiar? Toby has several times admired Spencer for her tenacity.

Tenacious child, tenacious adult

Secrets of Peter Hastings

When Spencer is arrested for Bethany's murder, Peter Hastings is seen to be the most tense of them all. Yes, it is his youngest daughter who has been falsely accused of murder, and his oldest daughter Melissa who had buried Bethany alive unknowingly to protect Spencer. But Peter Hastings has worries that run way deeper than the fate of his daughters. He has a lot more at stake, a deadly secret that involves Jessica and threatens to destroy him, if exposed.

Peter Hastings confronts Jessica

When Jessica comes down to the station, Peter informs her that the cops are asking all kinds of questions about Spencer and then reminds Jessica that they had an "understanding". What is that agreement that revolves around Spencer that Jessica is supposed to honour?

At one point, Peter even tries to have Radley shut down and it is clear that he is trying to keep something buried. He shows a ridiculous amount of anxiety each time the cops or anyone else shows an interest in the Hastings family background.

Peter Hastings and his many secrets

Signs That Spencer and Charlotte are Connected

Pretty Little Liars is loaded with direct hints about Spencer's strong connection with Mary and Radley. Spencer dreams about this little girl who dances across corridors and an old dilapidated room in Radley as she herself stands watching. Later, when Spencer visits Radley, she recognises the room that she dreamt about, an indication that the dream was some sort of a deeply buried memory. The girl in all probability was Spencer herself as a child or someone she knew, which means a part of her childhood had been spent there.

Is 'A' and Spencer related?

Even 'A' once messages Spencer that they are family, some of them more than the others. If 'A' and Spencer are indeed family, then the theory of Charlotte and Spencer being sisters directly align with the 'A' text that Spencer receives.

Mary and Spencer Meet

The first meeting between Mary and Spencer strongly emphasise that the two are related. Right from their identical ebony-brown hair colour to their intense addiction towards caffeine, the scene alludes to many striking similarities between the two.

Every statement that Mary makes to Spencer seems to be loaded with double meanings:
  • We met a long time ago but you wouldn't remember - Spencer was obviously a child, so she wouldn't remember. But how did they meet if Mary was locked away in Radley? So Spencer was in Radley too? Was she the second child?
  • I knew your family well enough to know that they are excellent secret keepers - What secret did Peter and Veronica keep from Spencer? Is she referring to Spencer's ignorance of her true parentage and the fact that she was adopted?
  • Jessica turned everyone against me - Did Jessica do something bad and implicate Mary for her own actions? We know that Peter and Jessica had an affair that resulted in their love-child Jason. Did she frame Mary for it and thus cause a rift between Mary and the Hastings? 
  • Did Peter also have an affair with Mary resulting in another love-child Spencer? Or did he mistake Mary for Jessica given that both were identical twins and Mary had every reason to take revenge on her sister for tarnishing her character?
  • Jessica took everything I had - Mary is obviously talking about her two children, which means our theory about the second child being taken away by Jessica is correct.
Mother and daughter meet over caffeine

In the closing scene of one of the episodes, Spencer is seen going through her family album and brooding over her childhood photos. Is she starting to see her lack of resemblance with her mother and sister? Even if Spencer was adopted, chances are that Peter Hastings is her real father which could be hinted by the fact that Spencer ran her hand over his photo with great affection.

Was Spencer finally starting to put pieces of the puzzle together? The next few episodes of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 will hopefully provide answers to the mysteries.

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