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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Scream The TV Series (2015) - Top 9 Reasons Why Kieran is The Killer

Kieran Wilcox is one of the main characters in MTV's slasher thriller Scream the TV Series. He plays the role of Emma's protective boyfriend, a brooding and caring guy who got close to Emma right from the start of the series when he newly arrived at Lakewood. There are many moments of doubt revolving his character in Scream Season 1, especially after he hides the fact that he partied with Nina Patterson at a bar on the night of her murder. However, he gains back everyone's confidence after Sheriff Hudson's murder and after Piper Shaw reveals herself as the killer.

Sweet, charming and caring boyfriend or deadly psychopath?

While Scream Season 2 has tried quite hard to make Eli stand out as the killer, the recent events have started casting serious doubt on Kieran Wilcox once again. In fact, the more they try to project Eli as the killer, the more he seems to be a red herring.

Reason #1 - Jake's Joke at Emma's Welcome Home Party

In Emma's welcome home party during , Jake cracks a joke saying "girl interrupted". Later when he gets kidnapped and chained inside the pig farm, the killer leaves a heavy tool for him that reads "see what you can do with this, boy interrupted". This means that the killer was present at Emma's welcome party or had a hidden camera at Kieran's house where the party was taking place.

Emma's welcome home party

Let's now recall that only the Lakewood Six were present at the party that night. Jake got killed, Emma, Brooke and Audrey are definitely not the killers, the killer stabbed Noah and drowned his girlfriend. That leaves only Kieran on the suspect list, unless the killer has bugged his house.

If Kieran is indeed the killer, it is not clear yet what grudge he holds against Jake or even Noah for that matter, except that maybe they are just collateral damage in the killer's master plan to frame Emma and Audrey for serial murders.

Reason #2 - Kieran Gets Kidnapped at the Carnival

At the Lakewood carnival, Emma gets a text from Kieran asking her to come to the Ferris wheel. As she walks towards the place, she gets a call from the killer on Kieran's phone and a video showing him gagged and tied up inside the fun-house. As Emma rushes into the fun-house hoping to rescue Kieran, she stumbles upon the injured deputy sheriff who had followed her into the place, only to be thrown through glass by the masked killer. Emma sees the killer reflected in the glass pieces and tries to shoot him with the deputy-sheriff's gun. As Sheriff Acosta and his men surround the fun-house, the figure in the mask stumbles out of the entrance and gets captured.

Kieran is kidnapped and staged by the killer, or is he?

The masked guy turns out to be Kieran, gagged and tied, a knife taped to his hand. If Kieran is the killer, his Oscar-winning victim act is undoubtedly the most brilliant and fool-proof way of eliminating himself from the suspect list. The killer also sends Audrey a video of Emma running into the fun-house, which means that he meant to lure both the girls into the place, with the intention to make them look guilty.

Reason #3 - Miss Lang and the Break-in

When Emma and Kieran visit Miss Lang at the hospital after she gets thrown over the stairs by the masked killer, the injured lady starts screaming as Emma tries to pacify her. Though it looks like she gets into a panic after seeing Emma, let's not forget that Kieran is in the background too, right behind Emma. In fact, Miss Lang only screams after Emma moves away and Kieran comes into view. Did she recognise him as the guy who stabbed Branson in front of her and then tried to kill her?

Is Miss Lang scared of Emma? Or is it Kieran?

Moreover, it is Kieran who steals Miss Lang's house keys and comes up with the idea of breaking into her house. During their break-in, Emma spots a photo hanging upside down in the bedroom and discovers that Piper and Miss Lang stayed at the Blessed Sisters Children's Home as children. 

Ghosts from the past - did Miss Lang really not know Piper?

Obviously, the killer wants Emma to discover Miss Lang's connection with Piper, throwing her real intentions into question. But how does the killer know that Kieran and Emma would break into her house, when they were the only two to know the plan?

Reason #4 - Party at the Blessed Sisters Children's Home

On finding Miss Lang and Piper's childhood photo at the home, Kieran suggests Emma to call Noah, the encyclopedia of weird facts. Noah and Zoe join Kieran and Emma in front of the children's home where someone is apparently hosting a "face-the-mask" on the very same evening, that too in the name of the Emma and Audrey. Helping that someone to host the party is none other than the much-disliked Haley who tells Emma that it's just a prank and that she's helping out a "special friend".

Face the Mask party hosted by the killer

While Noah and Zoe goes in search of the electrical room to shut down the power, Emma tries to follow Haley but loses track of her. Meanwhile, the killer lures Audrey into the party by threatening to kill Noah. As Emma and Audrey runs into each other, they find Piper's decomposed body. Meanwhile the ignorant accomplice Haley gets brutally slashed by her killer friend. Not surprisingly, Kieran is alone all the while and his presence goes unaccounted for. Was he Haley's special friend?

Reason #5 - Letters from Audrey to Piper

Scream Season 2 shows that the killer has possession of all the letters Audrey had written to Piper inviting her to Lakewood. Kieran very conveniently pulls the same letters out from underneath Eli's bed. Interestingly, he even switches on his phone's video so that Emma and Audrey can watch him live, pulling out those letters, as if he is confident of finding something in Eli's room. Kieran even knows exactly where to look, after searching in two or three other places, to make the search look genuine. Along with Audrey's letters, the paper bundle also contains Emma's childhood photos that she had earlier seen in the building next to Troy James' pig farm.

Kieran searches Eli's room

This immediately sets Emma and Audrey rushing off to the pig farm in the quest for more leads. Emma texts Kieran about their plan, so he is the only other person who knows where the girls are headed. A perfect chance to tail them and set the stage for the final showdown that follows.

Reason #6 - Luring Mayor Maddox to the Pig Farm

Eli breaks into the Maddox house and steals documents containing several scams committed by Mayor Maddox. He makes it very clear to his mom Tina that he has no intentions of letting the mayor drive them out of Lakewood. One more attempt by Scream the TV Series to push Eli as the killer. But it is easy to overlook that Kieran eavesdrops on their entire conversation and also sees the documents.

Mayor Maddox is attacked at the pig farm - now who could see that coming!!

The killer later lures Mayor Maddox to Troy Jame's pig farm and stabs him with a pitchfork. He is obviously aware that Emma and Audrey are in the abandoned house and has set up the perfect stage to frame the girls for the mayor's murder. Only Kieran knows about Mayor Maddox's scams as well as Emma and Audrey's journey to the pig farm. Strangely though, he takes his time to arrive at the pig's farm long after Sheriff Acosta reaches with his men to encounter Emma and Audrey holding a pitchfork over Mayor Maddox's body.

Emma and Audrey at the pig farm at night, holding the murder weapon - how brilliant!!

It's a great mystery why the super-genius girls decide to check out an obvious serial-killer den in the middle of the night, get literal blood on their hands when the killer has already made so many framing attempts, and then to top it all, pick up the actual murder weapon i.e. the pitchfork just as the cops reach on the scene.

What was Kieran doing all this while? And how did Sheriff know where the girls were? Kieran tips off Maggi who rushes to the sheriff thinking that her daughter is in danger. Another master stroke by the killer. Also note that Kieran never once mentions to Emma about the stolen documents he found on the mayor. What a genius orchestration of a murder-cum-framing combo, with the girls thinking that it has been Eli all along.

Reason #7 - The Killer's Podcast

Noah decides to do one final podcast dedicated to his dead girlfriend but as he attempts to upload it, the killer hacks into his computer and releases his own version of the podcast incriminating Emma and Audrey as the serial killers. Before Sheriff Acosta rushes to the pig farm with his cops, one of his deputies reports the podcast featuring serial murder confessions from the girls.

The deadly podcast

In the highly disturbing video portraying actual snapshots of the Scream Season 2 murders, Emma speaks about how she stabs all her friends and her hands are covered in blood. This is a reference to a recent dream that Emma confided to Kieran. So, unless Emma's house is heavily bugged, Kieran recorded what Emma said. Audrey's confession to Noah about her past association with Piper is featured as well, along with the extremely incriminating recording of her next to Jake's body at the storage unit.

Reason #8 - Piper's Surprise for Emma

In Scream Season 1 finale, when Piper revealed herself as the killer, she told Emma that she had one more surprise for her, right before Audrey shot her. At the time, the surprise seemed to be Audrey's alliance with Piper, even Audrey herself thought so. But Piper could have very well been referring to Kieran. What better surprise for Emma than the revelation that her boyfriend was THE killer, the one person she trusted completely.

Killer breaks into Emma's room at night

It is possible that Piper was never the main killer, Kieran was THE killer all along and was simply continuing round two of his killing sprees. We don't know yet how Piper and Kieran are connected, or why Kieran wanted to take revenge on Lakewood on behalf of Brandon James. But one probable theory is that Kieran could be his son, which would explain the revenge angle. 

In Scream Season 1, when Piper and Emma tracked down Brandon James' mother Cassie, the old woman revealed that his son had visited her the previous day. The girls believed the son to be Seth Branson but later Piper claimed that she wet back to show Cassie a group photo and the lady pointed to Kieran. Maybe Piper's claim was true, even if to play with Emma's head. We never came to know the son's identity. Kieran as the vengeful son would be the best surprise for Emma, more so because that would make him Daisy's son and thus Emma's step-brother, taking twisted to a whole new level.

Reason # 9 - Too Many Secrets and Betrayals

Going back to the original reason Kieran came under suspicion in Scream Season 1, he had met Nina Patterson at a bar on the night of her murder. When Emma confronted him about the video clipping, Kieran denied knowing Nina. He insisted that it was just a random hook-up and that he had no idea who she was.

Kieran spotted with Nina Patterson on the night of her murder

The timing of his arrival in Lakewood coincided perfectly with the onset of the serial murders. This combined with the fact that he befriended Emma and group, the main target of the killer's obsessions, seem more likely to be well-planned strategies of a devious psychopathic mind. If Kieran does turn out to be the killer, Scream the TV Series has certainly done an excellent job and delivered one of the most intriguing serial killer on TV.

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