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Friday, 30 September 2016

Pretty Little Liars (2010) - Season 7A Delivers a Deadly Finale

Pretty Little Liars Season 7A completed its half season delivering a shocking finale with lots of twists. The Big 'A' Charlotte's accomplices get exposed, one of them gets beheaded while the other gets kidnapped by the new psycho A.D. donning the 'A' suit. One of the liars finds herself pregnant, while two others learn facts that will change their future forever.

Reveals of the Finale

Jenna and Noel Kahn helped Charlotte torture the girls in Charlotte's doll-house, as seen in the video recordings that Spencer and Emily found in a pen-drive inside Noel Kahn's parents' cabin.

Noel Kahn and Jenna Marshall

Jenna and Noel Kahn are not A.D. because Noel gets beheaded inside the abandoned eye-hospital, while Jenna gets kidnapped and exclaims "Did you shoot Spencer? Oh my god!! You are A.D.!!" If anything, Jenna sounded dead scared of A.D, a similar fear that was reflected by Sara Harvey before she "slipped" in her shower.

Alison discovers that she is pregnant, thanks to her now-dead fraud husband, fake doctor and Charlotte's ex-boyfriend Elliot Rollins aka Archer Dunhill who robbed all her money and kept her locked up at the Welby mental hospital.

Alison finds comfort in Emily's arms

Mary Drake's second child is none other than Spencer, making her Charlotte's sister. Both Spencer and the other liars learnt the dark truth as Spencer lies bleeding in the arms of Mary, shot in the shoulder by A.D.

Noel Kahn did not kidnap or torture Hanna inside the pig-farm, because A.D. had claimed credit for Hanna's abduction from the Lost Woods Resort and he was not A.D.

Nicole turns out to be alive and reunites with Ezra after the successful rescue operation in Columbia. On one hand, Ezra and Aria has too much history together and are now engaged to each other, on the other hand, he is seen to passionately hug his lost-girlfriend Nicole. It is a truly bad situation for Aria, that too for a character as insignificant as Nicole, and especially after all the lies and deception that Aria has endured from him.

Open Questions

Since Charlotte went by the name Cece Drake, she obviously knew that Mary Drake was her real mother, even though Mary didn't know about Charlotte's knowledge. So, the question is, did Charlotte also know about her little sister, and that the baby had been adopted by the Hastings?

Spencer gets shot by A.D. and lies bleeding in Mary's arms as A.D drags away an unconscious Jenna, knocked out by Mary moments ago. But how did Mary know that Jenna and Noel Kahn had lured the girls into the old eye-hospital? Was she working with A.D?

How does Toby and Yvonne end up in a car accident, right when they try to leave town? That very day, Spencer came to bid farewell to Toby and kissed him one last time. The accident seemed too much of a co-incidence and looked more like the handiwork of 'A.D', the new 'A' on the block. Why did A.D. want to stop Toby from leaving town? Was A.D. doing a favour to Spencer? Then why did he/she shoot Spencer?

Mona was the last person to be seen with the gagged and tied-up Noel Kahn, left in her care by Hanna. Did she let Noel Kahn go? How else did the guy break out from his imprisonment? What intention did Mona have in setting their enemy free, unless she was playing a far more deadly game? Was Mona working with A.D?

Hanna leaves Mona to "take care of" Noel Kahn

Noel Kahn is gone

Who killed Charlotte still remains a mystery. Jenna and Noel Kahn were avenging Charlotte's death, so it was not them. It could be Archer Dunhill because Charlotte was found clasping a flower in her hand as she lay at the bottom of the bell-tower church. She and Archer Dunhill were lovers and he could have easily lured her in order to kill her, so that she doesn't try to stop his marriage to Alison.

Who is A.D really? It is neither Jenna or the headless Noel Kahn, nor is it Mary Drake or the long-dead Archer Dunhill. It is obviously a character we already know, someone hiding in plain sight as one of the texts claimed boldly.

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