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Monday, 5 September 2016

Scream The TV Series (2015) - Top 3 Things That Spoils Season 2 Finale

Scream the TV Series revealed its killer in the Season 2 finale. It's not a huge surprise that one of the Lakewood Six was the killer all along, not just for Season 2 but for Season 1 as well.

When a new person comes to town and a series of murder starts, it's usually more than a co-incidence. More so when that newcomer points out explicitly that the first party he is attending in town is the perfect setting for a killer.

Kieran Wilcox at his first party in town
Kieran was the new arrival in town during Season 1 as much as Piper Shaw, and it's not astonishing that the two turned out to be killing buddies. Not much originality there. What is ridiculous however is that the killer due kill too many innocent people who have done nothing to them, while they spare the main people they hold responsible for their woes, namely Maggie, Emma and Audrey.

Kieran Wilcox - Boyfriend Moonlighting as Serial Killer

So let us back up to the beginning. How and why did Kieran become the killer? Kieran and Piper met long before he knew Emma. They bonded over a common woe, both had been abandoned by their parents. Kieran had been dumped by his father Sheriff Hudson in Atlanta to live with his mother and step-father, while Piper had been long disowned by her mother Daisy aka Maggie who wanted to escape from her teenage mistakes and gave the baby up for adoption.

Don't get impatient girl, your boyfriend is ready to strike!!

Remember how Noah always insisted that Piper had an accomplice, because someone else wore the mask that night when Piper and Will came into the abandoned pig farm. The second masked killer was none other than Kieran, whom we can see in the background. 

Kieran, the new smart guy in town at the party thrown by Brooke

Kieran was working with Piper right from the beginning. He joined the same school as Emma, became her friend and a core part of her friend's group, and infiltrated her life by breaking her up with Will and becoming her boyfriend himself.

Eli Hudson - The Misunderstood Cousin

Eli has been the biggest red herring of Scream Season 2. He was new in town too and had a shady history of his own - he had stalked a girl in Atlanta and posted her nude photos on the internet, the perfect profile for a deadly killer. But in reality, Kieran had framed him and Eli came to Lakewood to get revenge. He was stalking Kieran for a long time and was spotted in the background of a newspaper photo taken at Will's funeral, yet another thing that worked completely against him, leading Emma, Audrey and Noah to believe that Eli was the killer.

Ridiculous #1 - The Great Escape

Emma and Audrey are on the run from the cops in broad daylight with cop cars patrolling the streets. While trained cops are unable to spot two teenage girls sneaking across the streets, the killer is aware of every step they take. He even calls them on the landline of a departmental store they enter. Obviously, Emma never learns her lesson, so she takes the call anyway not realising that two fugitive girls wanted for the mayor's murder are really not obligated to take phone calls.

Emma gets a call from the killer

The girls also forget for a few seconds that they are the most wanted people in town. Then a news flash with their photos alerts the shopkeeper who decides to call the authorities. As the girls are not killers, they run out of the shop without hurting the shopkeeper. How cute! At least snatch the telephone or cut the wires.

New flash!! Girls wanted for murder of the mayor!!

Emma continues to blindly trust Kieran as he keeps exhibiting the strangest behaviour. As she sneaks into Kieran's room through the window, in comes her freshly showered and squeaky clean boyfriend, hair almost dripping with water. His girlfriend has just been declared a dangerous killer and the most wanted woman in town, but here he is, looking fresher than someone out of spa.

So glad to see you Emma!! Worry made me take a shower!!

Ridiculous #2 - Terror at the Theatre

The plot-writers have done a terrible job building up the climax in Season 2, with the theatre sequence winning the most ridiculous sub-plot award. Emma and Audrey decide to hide in the theatre at which Audrey works, and then Emma tells Kieran and Brooke about their hideouts. Brooke is visiting Noah at the hospital and they decide to head out to the theatre, Noah having forgotten the fact that his stab injury might make him more of a liability than a friend in need for Emma and Audrey.

Meanwhile, the killer calls Emma on Noah's phone and Emma decides to show her boldness by challenging the killer to come down to the theatre. The screenwriters of course feel the need to dumb down everything for us by making Emma exclaim in horrified realisation what a stupid mistake she had made by inviting the killer to their hideout and putting all her friends in danger. Little did she know that she had committed that mistake long back by showing up in Kieran's house.

Come on Brooke, let the right one in!!

As all the friends stand guard in different exits, Stavo appears outside the theatre entrance where Brooke and Noah are stationed. Brooke refuses to let Stavo in as Noah hysterically urges her to not trust the guy. Maybe she wouldn't have got stabbed inside the theatre if she had led Stavo in, Noah is not much of a bodyguard you see. But then I don't blame Brooke, she was doing what any normal girl would do, not trust her boyfriend when he appears out of nowhere with the killer lurking around. Wish Emma had half her senses.

Standing in the dark in an empty theatre and then the killer attacks from behind!! So surprising!!

Ridiculous #3 - The Grand Climax

We know what happens next, Brooke is rushed to hospital, the killer texts a photo of Audrey all tied-up and unconscious, and asks Emma to come alone to the Blessed Sisters Children's Home. At last, our girl has learnt her lesson and resolves not to tell anyone where she is headed.

I have your BFF bitch!! Time for showdown!!

Meanwhile, Eli who has been following Kieran gets stabbed outside the hospital and plays dead. Once Kieran leaves to go to Blessed Sisters Children's Home, Eli follows him with the stab injury. Our genius girl Emma doesn't believe Eli even then and shoots the poor guy, making him the next Seth Branson, misunderstood and injured too many times.

With the writers in a hurry to wrap up the climax, our anti-hero delivers his designated and completely unnecessary dialogue to Emma - "You will feel safe again". Kaboom!! Realisation dawns on Emma - "Oh my god!! It's you!!"

Emma realises that Kieran is the killer!! What a genius!!

Kieran lets out a long-overdue diabolic laughter as he shoots Eli a few more times and makes fun of Emma for getting fooled to such an outrageous extent with the killer right under her nose - "Surprise Emma!! Your boyfriend was banging your crazy half-sister!!" He goes on to mock the Lakewood police department for failing to stop the rampage for so long.

Kieran mocks Emma for not realising it sooner

The rest is history as the girls throw a book rack over him and succeed in chaining him down until Sheriff Acosta arrives on the scene with his cops. This time, for a change, the sheriff arrests the right guy without getting slashed. Well done Sheriff Acosta!!

Final Scene Ends with a Cliff-Hanger

Scream Season 2 concluded its finale with a major cliff-hanger. Kieran Wilcox gets a phone call in prison and is told that it's his lawyer. Now we all know that phone callers on Scream are never to be trusted. As Kieran picks up the receiver, the familiar killer voice hisses at him - "who told you you could wear my mask?" Okay so we might have a Season 3.

Who said you could wear my mask!!

Is it a prank call? Or is Brandon James really alive? Is there a third killer on the horizon simply trying to mess with Kieran's mind? If Season 3 materialises, hopefully Scream the TV Series will shine more light on the mysterious caller.

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