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Friday, 6 January 2017

Game of Thrones (2011) - How 2 Eligible Bachelors Ruined Themselves

Jaime Lannister, Loras Tyrell and Jon Snow are supposed to be the most eligible bachelors in Game of Thrones. While Jon Snow joined the Nights Watch and decided to dedicate his life to harsh climate and eternal misery, his life choices were far better and his love life was far more functional that the other two men whose choices of conjugal partners were unbeatable.

Jaime Lannister decided to join the Kings guard that required him to take an oath never to marry, a decision that squashed all hopes of his father Tywin Lannister for a male heir. The old tiger had to settle for his grandsons Joffrey and Tommen, both of whom were unfit to be king and were Baratheon descendants, or at least that is what Tywin assumed. Jaime had joined the Kings guard to be close to his sister Cersei, with whom he fathered three children. Gasp!! Of all the pick of beautiful and accomplished women he could have had in Westeros, Jaime chose to bed his psychotic twin sister and queen of Westeros.

Loras Tyrell - the Knight of Flowers, future of Highgarden, loves men
Loras Tyrell was a famed knight in Westeros and greatly admired by young and old women alike, for his gallantry and good looks. He was the only male heir to the Tyrells of Highgarden, the second most powerful kingdom in Westeros and was all set to take over after Lady Olenna, the grand Tyrell matriarch. Little did the wise old lady realize that his d***head grandson was more into guys than anything else in the world. What a waste of a handsome and brave knight whose only work in Westeros was to marry a beautiful high-breed woman like Sansa and settle down to the bliss of his Highgarden inheritance.

The promiscuous and indiscreet Knight of Flowers chose to woo the king's brother Renly Baratheon, the same prince that was married to his sister Margaery. If that wasn't bad enough, after Renly was gone, Loras starting bedding any handsome squire who showed the remotest interest in him. His weakness for men is what caused his eventual capture by the sparrow fanatics. One of his beau squire Olyver turned out to be a spy appointed by Littlefinger who lost no time in leaking the information to Cersei. The queen mother in an effort to bring down the Tyrells went with this information to the High Sparrow.

Loras with his squire Olyver

The banter between Loras and Jaime at Joffrey and Margaery's wedding were hilarious. While Jaime was back a more mature and empathetic man after his long journey and imprisonment away from King's Landing and away from his controlling sister Cersei, the prospect of her marriage to Loras sparked his jealousy. He threatened Loras that Cersei would have him killed on their wedding night itself but Loras was not to be discouraged. He snapped back at Jaime with an equally witty retort.

Don't you dare marry my sister

You can't marry your sister even if you want to
If you compare the lives of these two characters in Game of Thrones, not much is known about Loras and his childhood except that he had a passive and non-influential father, a shrewd grandmother like Lady Olenna Tyrell and a femme fatale sister like Margaery who followed in her footsteps. Jaime's childhood on the other hand is discussed in bits and pieces when Cersei tells their father Tywin how difficult it had been for the siblings to grow up without their mother. You could say that Tywin is to blame for the unhealthy love that bloomed between his children because he was too busy pursuing power and wealth and all that Jaime and Cersei had during their childhood years were each other. Of course a father's negligence should not trigger sibling incest but Loras doesn't even have a childhood sob story to justify his reckless and self-destructive lifestyle when he had everything perfectly in place for him.

Jaime with a newly found gradually evolving conscience

The other difference between Loras and Jaime is that Jaime's character got a lot of screen time to develop over the seasons. From the smug and narcissistic jerk who remorselessly pushed a 10-year old boy from a high tower window, Jaime came a long way as he evolved into a conscientious and honourable man who started seeing the true nature of wickedness and atrocities committed by his father and sister. Loras however hardly got a role big enough to let his character grow over the seasons. So it is not surprising that Jaime Lannister continued to be much more likeable and popular in Game of Thrones than Loras Tyrell.

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