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Monday, 16 January 2017

Sherlock BBC (2010) - The High Functioning Sociopath is Back for Season 4

Sherlock the TV series on BBC took a long break and now our favourite high-functioning sociopath played by Benedict Cumberbatch is finally back after three whole years. Season 4 started with a boom this month with more fun and more drama than ever before. While Season 3 gave a shocker with the revelation of Mary's real identity and then there was the Abominable Bride early last year, this season brings us 2 more shockers than we couldn't have imagined even with logic and deduction.

There are many reasons why you will love Season 4. The episodes have enough quality twists to keep you captivated throughout. It also offers a significant change from the earlier seasons where Sherlock Holmes would simply solve brilliant cases one after another with Watson devotedly assisting and documenting the cases in his blog. Sherlock and Watson encounter several personal jeopardy that prove to be much more dangerous and challenging than the cases they solve. The show manages to keep you on your toes by playing hide and seek with the potential of bringing back old enemies. Whether arch rivals like Moriarty and Irene Adler will resurface or not is yet to be seen.

Prime Character Bids Farewell

Well before you pass out thinking that Dr. John Watson has died in the show or has been replaced by someone other than Martin Freeman, let you put you at ease right away. There cannot be Sherlock Holmes without a Watson and nobody can play John Watson as well as Martin Freeman does. Of course, there is no question about Sherlock happening without Benedict Cumberbatch, can you imagine anyone else playing the over-dramatic, eccentric and sociopathic super-detective?

Molly, Mary, Watson, Sherlock, Lestrade and Mrs. Hudson - who will go?

So who's that prime character who dies in the show? Let me give you a hint - it is a character that kept swinging all kinds of surprises at us all along the previous season. Now make your guess and see the last paragraph of this article to check how correct you are.

New Enemy in Town

Watson and his ex-secret agent wife Mary are seen enjoying blissful domesticity with their cute little daughter Rosie, but as Mycroft correctly points out to Sherlock, agents like Mary hardly reach retirement age. Sooner or later their past catches up with them, which is exactly what follows. An unknown assailant turns up in the city hell-bent on destroying Margaret Thatcher statues but no motive is immediately evident.

As the mystery deepens with Sherlock Holmes in wild pursuit of the truth, more facts come to light about Mary's past and the inevitable happens, both Sherlock and Mary come face to face with a deadly enemy, or what they think is one. But there is an even deadlier enemy masquerading in plain sight who can bring down their entire world in a jiffy.

New Prime Character Introduced

Watson and Sherlock have a major fallout and Sherlock tries to salvage his friendship by putting himself in great danger. He gets a very strange visitor one night named Faith, the daughter of a wealthy and philanthropic business magnate who claims that her father might be a serial killer. She narrates an event from two years back when her father Culverton Smith invites her as well as several friends to the meeting in order to disclose one of his darkest secrets.

However, there is a catch. He tells them that they will be drugged during the process so that they lose their memories of the event, because he doesn't wish to burden them with horrifying information for the rest of their lives. After all, what is the worst thing you can do to your closest friends - "tell them your darkest secret".

Wolf in sheep's clothing or wild imagination?

Faith tries to secretly take notes during the whole episode and after recovering from the drug and analysing her notes, it convinces her that Culverton might have confessed to being a serial killer. Her world falling apart with this shocking revelation, she isolates herself completely for several months before coming to Sherlock for help. Sherlock turns her down at first but then decides to take up her case when he realises that Faith might be suicidal. Sherlock and Faith walk around the town deep in discussion but she suddenly disappears the next morning.

Convinced that behind a facade of philanthropy and human welfare lurks an insane killer, Sherlock chases after the mighty business magnate to expose him for the monster he is, much against Watson's advise. However, when Culverton later introduces his daughter Faith to Sherlock and Watson, she turns out to be a completely different woman, not the timid young lady who was in desperate need of help that night.

So who was the woman who visited Sherlock that night? Did he imagine the whole thing under influence of drugs? Or was it some new enemy beyond his imagination?

The psychiatrist, the lady on the bus, the lying daughter - who are they?

Meanwhile, we see Watson semi-cheating on his wife with a mystery woman he met in a bus. The relationship does not go much further after a drastic event occurs. After Sherlock and Watson's fallout, Watson starts seeing a new therapist. Things seem to improve for Watson but a moment's slip makes him see that nothing is what it seems. He is forced to face a vengeful character from Sherlock's past, a character with a vendetta to destroy everything that Sherlock holds dear. Watson realises his recent oversights but will he be quick enough to save himself and his best friend?

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