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About Us

About The Blog

Temptor94 Reviews - Movies and TV Shows is an entertainment blog that discusses and reviews various English movies and TV shows of different genres, discusses the finer aspects of plot and sub-plot development, character analysis, predictions for upcoming seasons, how they fared and why, and so much more.

You may have encountered hundreds of TV blogs and movie blogs. But how many of them cater to the deep psycho-analytical curiosity within you? This is not just a blog for the average binge watcher (of course they can read and enjoy too), but for the true movie and TV enthusiasts who love to critique what they watch.

Please note that contents in the blog are my personal opinion and as a reader, you are free to agree or disagree with my opinions. So do feel free to post your comments. 

To make things easy for the readers, all movies and TV shows discussed are listed under their respective genre in the main menu. Tags are also provided on the right hand section named "browse by category" to enable readers to quickly look up movies and shows.

If you have any suggestions for this blog or looking for a specific movie, TV show or even plots and characters to be discussed, please feel free to contact me at If I have watched it, I will definitely try to cover it in future posts.

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About The Author

My name is Rituparna Mitra and "temptor94" is my pen-name. I am a movie lover, avid reader and science enthusiast. I love to write, travel to new places and try out new things that evoke my interest and curiosity.

To read my Hubpages articles, feel free to visit temptor94@HubPages.

You can get in touch with me: FacebookTwitter and Google+ .


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